Minnesota State Parks Poster

The state park often takes a back seat to the national park. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, etc. are all regarded as the ultimate places to experience nature. While none can/should argue the unique beauty of the national park, none can/should argue the equally unique beauty of the state park. These are places that don’t require a drive across the country to visit. Only have two days to spend outdoors? Drive two hours to a state park, experience nature, spend the night, experience more nature, then drive home. Easy as that.

Minnesota is lucky because of the caliber and diversity of our state parks. The limestone bluffs of Whitewater, the granite faces of Tettegouche, the oaks of Lake Maria, the prairie of Sibley–all have a natural beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. This is why I spend so much of my time in state parks. It is wonderful to have such resources nearby and preserved for all to experience.

Studio MPLS is a Minneapolis design shop I’ve worked with in the past. The designers under their roof have serious talent. When I saw the poster of Minnesota state parks they created, I wasn’t the least bit surprised at how impressed I was. The only reason it took me five minutes to make a purchase was because I couldn’t choose a color, otherwise my sale would have been instant. This is a print I cannot wait to hang in my living room.

Visit their site and see the work they did on this poster. For $25 (which is a steal of a deal for art like this), you can make a print your own. The most difficult decision you’ll face isn’t whether you’ll want to buy one, but what color you’d like. Fortunately, purchasing any of these prints is a sound decision.

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