Shooting Stars And Milky Ways And Alcohol

Photographing the night sky was always something I thought required a professional-grade camera, an $8,000 f/1.8 lens, and otherworldly editing skills. It was something I rarely attempted because my photos were shit compared to other shots I’ve seen. Everything was always either blurry or over-exposed or under-exposed or just bad. Sometimes all three, against all odds. Then I was drunk at a bachelor party the … Continue reading Shooting Stars And Milky Ways And Alcohol

Get Uncomfortable

At a certain point, I lost count of the times something didn’t go¬†right. Navigating three feet of powder on a mountain side with cross-country skis strapped to numb feet seven miles from the nearest road; losing footing while trying to cross a river in waist-deep, snowmelt raging water; finishing your last water bottle in 104F heat 17 miles from the car on a bike. You … Continue reading Get Uncomfortable

Afton Overnighter

Thirty-five miles separate my house in south Minneapolis and the campground of Afton State park. The road between rides the Mississippi River, before crossing farmland to the St. Croix River, which hugs the park. Most know of Afton because of the ski hill. Fewer know of it because of the golf course. Even fewer know of it because of the stellar state park. I’m OK … Continue reading Afton Overnighter

Minnesota State Parks Poster

The state park often takes a back seat to the national park. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, etc. are all regarded as the ultimate places to experience nature. While none can/should argue the unique beauty of the national park, none can/should argue the equally unique beauty of the state park.¬†These are places that don’t require a drive across the country to visit. Only have two days … Continue reading Minnesota State Parks Poster