Breitenbush River, Oregon

It’s not the most storied river in Oregon. When it comes to fishing in this state, I’d be surprised if most folks even mentioned the Breitenbush. It begins on the slopes of Mt. Jefferson and ends in Lake Detroit, and it’s as cold in the summer as most northern rivers are during spring runoff. My Portland friends said the trout are many in number, but … Continue reading Breitenbush River, Oregon

Trump’s Move On Bears Ears Should Anger (And Inspire) You

When President Donald Trump today announced plans to reduce the size of Bears Ears National Monument and nearby Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, he said it was because he wants to “take back the land.” He wants to “take back” land that we already own. This is the largest elimination of public lands in US history. Bears Ears was cut by 85% (from 1.3 million acres … Continue reading Trump’s Move On Bears Ears Should Anger (And Inspire) You

National Bison Day

It’s about damn time we celebrate the bison. The Obama Administration dedicated the first Saturday in November to our national mammal in 2012. For such a storied, majestic creature, what the hell took us so long? Before the West was settled, upwards of 30,000,000 bison roamed our country. This was back when caribou were at home in Minnesota and elk resided in the Appalachians. By … Continue reading National Bison Day

Le Gran du Nord

You wake up before your alarm. It’s 4:45am and the dew on the trees above your tent is starting to coalesce and drip. You’re not sure if anxiety or doubt is the reason for your awakening–anxiety because you drove four hours for this race; doubt because it would be easier to sleep in and fish all day than ride 60 miles on gravel. You go … Continue reading Le Gran du Nord