Coffee and Bikes in the Morning


In most circles, it’s called Adventure Coffee. (Not typically capitalized, but I did so because it’s a wonderful thing and it deserves tall letters, y’know?) The activity is simple. Find a group of friends, gather coffee/tea, camp stoves, water, and bicycles, then settle on a place outdoors to enjoy the fruits of your labors before work.

There’s a reason coffee shops make most of their business catching folks on the way to work. Morning and caffeine go together like peas and carrots, Canada and hockey, skiing and mountains, AMERICA AND PINK CAMO. How do you double up on that morning energy jolt? Physical activity–ideally physical activity that takes you to and from your caffeine fix and fresh air is involved. Thus the birth of Adventure Coffee.


Now it’s time to let you in on a secret: I don’t like coffee. I know. I know. Tea is my thing. But guess what: I fucking love adventure coffee (just with leaf water instead of bean water). It’s friends and bikes and morning sunshine and all the smiles. What’s not to love?

Any bike will do, any stove will do, any coffee will do, and any friends will do. Just assemble the aforementioned items and you’re set to have a wonderful day.