Coffee and Bikes in the Morning

In most circles, it’s called Adventure Coffee. (Not typically capitalized, but I did so because it’s a wonderful thing and it deserves tall letters, y’know?) The activity is simple. Find a group of friends, gather coffee/tea, camp stoves, water, and bicycles, then settle on a place outdoors to enjoy the fruits of your labors before work. There’s a reason coffee shops make most of their … Continue reading Coffee and Bikes in the Morning

From Two To Crew

It was 1:45pm and I was running late. Nothing new there. On this occasion, I was tardy by 15 minutes, which wouldn’t have been so bad, but I still hadn’t left my house. My name is Kurt Stafki and I’m never on time. It was to be a day riding an easy 30-40 miles to St. Paul and back. I was on my Niner RLT 9 … Continue reading From Two To Crew

Get Uncomfortable

At a certain point, I lost count of the times something didn’t go right. Navigating three feet of powder on a mountain side with cross-country skis strapped to numb feet seven miles from the nearest road; losing footing while trying to cross a river in waist-deep, snowmelt raging water; finishing your last water bottle in 104F heat 17 miles from the car on a bike. You … Continue reading Get Uncomfortable


Things didn’t go as planned last night. We fucked up. White people, this is why we can’t have nice things. It hurt to see such a terrible person (though that would be a compliment) be elected President. It actually hurt. I’m still stunned. Who knows what’ll happen when everyone makes sense of this. I took pride in voting for a woman to become President, just … Continue reading Reflecting

CX Dreaming

Dreams can provide a look into your subconscious. Many people believe dreams show you how you truly feel. Between self-insight and overall absurdity, I enjoy my time in the dreamscape. I’m not one who deeply analyzes my dreams, but if something is obvious, I devote some thought to it.  Cyclocross consumed my dreams the other night. I dreamt I was on my Niner RLT9 Steel … Continue reading CX Dreaming