Things didn’t go as planned last night. We fucked up. White people, this is why we can’t have nice things. It hurt to see such a terrible person (though that would be a compliment) be elected President. It actually hurt. I’m still stunned. Who knows what’ll happen when everyone makes sense of this.

I took pride in voting for a woman to become President, just as I did when I voted for Barack Obama. I can’t say Hillary was my first choice–that belongs to Bernie–but of all the people on the ballot, she needed every last vote. We needed to make a statement. We needed to vote for open arms instead of closed minds. We needed to build on the last eight years of progress.

Today was spent thinking about what happened. When I went to bed last night, I thought about whose fault this was. Who would vote for this. Who would put (marginal) personal gains over national progress. And I woke up thinking the same thing. Fucking white people–we did this. As much as I wish as I could detach myself from Trump-voting bigots, I can’t. I can shake my head at democratic indiscretion and Applebee’s-dining GOP(igs). But, largely, we’re still in this together. We all need to live with this.

So I came to a conclusion. I’m giving myself 24 hours to process this. 24 hours to be pissed and cast blame and disown friends and family that elected hatred to office. Then I’m going to fight. I’m going to fight every day for what I love. I’m going to fight every day for the place we call home and all of its beauty and resources.

Earth is our home. We only have one of those, and this one will provide for us everything we need–we just need to care for it. I’m going to fight for this. I’m going to devote time for our planet. I’m going to use my voice and be loud and boisterous and fucking get under skin. I’m going to hold people accountable (just like we all need to do). I’m going to ask the right people the right questions. I’m going to fight for the place that gave us life.

I ask this of you. Spend a day, a week, a month processing what happened. Get pissed. Point fingers. Be sad. Then turn your shit around. Find what you love and fight for it, and fight until you can’t. The good people of our country (and the world) are relying on you. I’m relying on you, too. We need to keep pushing. We need to become better. We need to lead by example and show the world how to treat our planet, our Mother Earth.