The San Juan River and the Joys of Being Flexible

It was never planned. On Sunday, February 24, I was packed for six days of biking and camping around Tucson, Arizona. Bags were meticulously stuffed to handle dry daytime heat and cooler overnight temperatures. My bike was tuned up and dialed for a few hundred miles of hot pavement and gravel. Even my snacks were packs. My fucking snacks. I was ready to go. But … Continue reading The San Juan River and the Joys of Being Flexible

Back On The Kinni

My first time fly fishing for trout was on the Kinnickinnic River. It was a rainy day in late April of 2014. A buddy and I spent the morning watching Premier League soccer at my place in Uptown. We paid close attention to the radar to find a break in the weather. That break never came, but we embarked anyway. The Lower Kinni at the … Continue reading Back On The Kinni

Fly Fishing In Minnesota

I’ll start by letting you in on a secret. Minnesota doesn’t have 10,000 lakes. We’ve actually got 15,291. Something like 6% of the state is covered in water. Needless to say, lots of fishing is to be had. But instead of lakes, let’s talk about rivers and the exceptional trout fishing to be had. Minnesota trout fishing is largely divided into two areas: North Shore … Continue reading Fly Fishing In Minnesota

Overnight Getaway

Always bring a tent. Even if you think you’ll sleep in your car instead. Even if you’d rather not set up said tent at 11pm. Even if you’re just lazy. I learned this lesson because mosquitos can squeeze through cracked windows, bite you in the night, and leave blood spots on the interior roof of your car when you rage-kill them all at 3am. Always … Continue reading Overnight Getaway