Fourth Weekend

It was as American as a beer-filled pontoon parked on a sandbar. It helps that it was the weekend of the Fourth of July, too. And that’s how Minnesotans do it. We all have a cabin or know someone who does. So when work wraps up on Friday, we all head North. Cabin traffic is a thing ’round these parts, especially on holiday weekends. My … Continue reading Fourth Weekend

February Shouldn’t Be Like This

February isn’t typically a fun month to fly fish. Rivers are quiet, yes, but it’s usually cold, rivers are lined with ice, snow could turn to rain whenever it damn well pleases, and there’s always a risk of your reel freezing. Fish are generally sluggish, as well, as hatches are few and far between, save for sporadic midges climbing mounds of snow like first ascents. … Continue reading February Shouldn’t Be Like This

Get Uncomfortable

At a certain point, I lost count of the times something didn’t go¬†right. Navigating three feet of powder on a mountain side with cross-country skis strapped to numb feet seven miles from the nearest road; losing footing while trying to cross a river in waist-deep, snowmelt raging water; finishing your last water bottle in 104F heat 17 miles from the car on a bike. You … Continue reading Get Uncomfortable

Rush to Recharge

We all need time spent in the place that gives us energy. The place that replenishes drive, creativity¬†and inner peace. Introverts crave time alone. Those who love the outdoors crave fresh air and living things. As an introverted outdoors-lover, I crave solitary time where the trees move in the breeze and the rivers flow with a determination unchanged in 10,000 years. My need for recharging … Continue reading Rush to Recharge