Paddling Ross Lake

“How deep is the water we’re on right now?” I asked the dude driving the water taxi from the landing to the resort. “Oh, about 500 feet,” he answered. My interest was piqued. Ross Lake is a lake because of a dam. The Skagit River was dammed for hydroelectric power in 1949. With that, 24 miles of river valley was flooded, from Diablo to the … Continue reading Paddling Ross Lake

Brookies For Days

It’s great to write those words. Brookies for days. Most Driftless rivers, where I usually fish, hold mainly browns. Some have a few rainbows. Select pools in select rivers hold brookies. My latest trip to northern Minnesota was a trip away from my usual rivers. It reminded me why I love fly fishing so much. Not like I’d forgotten, though. The Baptism River flows through … Continue reading Brookies For Days