Everything Except The Fish

When you spend a lot of time on the river, you receive questions. What is it like to fly fish? What is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught? Have you ever seen “A River Runs Through It”?

No, I have never seen said film. But thanks to Topo Designs, you can get a feel for fly fishing in a short video.


Very little about fly fishing is about catching fish. Yes, that is the goal, but fly fishing is about so much more than hooking into a rainbow, brook or brown. Much of your time is spend fumbling through waist-deep water, tracking bugs to see what the fish are feeding on and tying knots. Fly fishing is about spending time outdoors, disconnecting from the outside world and enjoying nature. Sometimes, as this video illustrates, you don’t catch anything. And that’s OK. If you’re enjoying yourself, fish or not, you’re doing everything right.

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