It Might Be Illegal

I bought Audra a Wisconsin fishing license online without her knowing it. It wasn’t my proudest moment, but I live life with no regrets. Well, she kind of knew because she handed me her drivers license and told me her social security number, but the payment, that was all me and she was in the other room when I did it so I’m considering this … Continue reading It Might Be Illegal

Wisconsin Trout Season Goes Out with a Meh

Yep. Skunked. On the last day of the season. The closest quality trout rivers from Minneapolis are just over the border in Wisconsin. Rivers are lined up from west to east. The first river Minnesota fishermen come to on their journey east is the Kinnickinnic. It runs through River Falls, WI and is known for its abundance of browns. The second is the Trimbelle. It’s … Continue reading Wisconsin Trout Season Goes Out with a Meh