Back In The Saddle

Kind of.

Slick Minneapolis winter roads are keeping me inside.

While I was laid up, I bought a couple things to bide my time and prepare for being active outdoors once again. One item was a new fly fishing rod and reel, the other was a trainer. The doctor told me to “take it easy for 4-6 weeks,” which sounds more like a death sentence than a break in the action for me. I’m about three weeks into this bout with pneumonia. My breathing is improving, though I still need to take it easy because pushing it too hard would mean a relapse. At least I can work up a sweat without overdoing it.

I rode for a bit. Just enough breathe hard and sweat a bit. My lungs felt good, despite being filled with God-knows-what. As the winter steams forward, I’ll be on the trainer 3-5 times/week. If we can get a thaw, I’ll take my pedaling outdoors. But in the meantime, I’ll have to keep those warm days fresh in my mind. Spring can’t come soon enough for this cyclist.

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