Your Body Loves Biking

If you’ve read my posts on biking, you’ve surely noticed how I never fail to mention the positive effects on the environment and mental health. What I don’t always mention is the physical benefits of riding a bike. I’m on a bike six or seven days of the week–biking to work, groceries, coffee, basically anything within a few miles of my house. When I was … Continue reading Your Body Loves Biking

Afton Overnighter

Thirty-five miles separate my house in south Minneapolis and the campground of Afton State park. The road between rides the Mississippi River, before crossing farmland to the St. Croix River, which hugs the park. Most know of Afton because of the ski hill. Fewer know of it because of the golf course. Even fewer know of it because of the stellar state park. I’m OK … Continue reading Afton Overnighter