Your Body Loves Biking

If you’ve read my posts on biking, you’ve surely noticed how I never fail to mention the positive effects on the environment and mental health. What I don’t always mention is the physical benefits of riding a bike. I’m on a bike six or seven days of the week–biking to work, groceries, coffee, basically anything within a few miles of my house. When I was running marathons on the regular, I took cardio for granted. Now I rely on biking to get in my daily activity.

How does biking help your body? More ways than it hurts it. A couple years ago, there was a study about the negative effects of breathing in car exhaust while biking in traffic. Though inhaling car exhaust negatively affects your body, the health benefits of biking still outweighed the bad. The study concluded by saying even though you’re breathing car exhaust while biking, you’re still doing better things for your body than sitting in one of those cars.

To show how biking positively affects your body, put together this infographic. Read it, then ride your bike and see the results for yourself.