Rush to Recharge

We all need time spent in the place that gives us energy. The place that replenishes drive, creativity¬†and inner peace. Introverts crave time alone. Those who love the outdoors crave fresh air and living things. As an introverted outdoors-lover, I crave solitary time where the trees move in the breeze and the rivers flow with a determination unchanged in 10,000 years. My need for recharging … Continue reading Rush to Recharge

Get To It

Not more than 36 hours after getting home from Montana, I found myself driving east to spend some time with Rush River trout. This is the first year that the Wisconsin trout season opened at the first of the year. In previous years, we had to wait until March. I’m OK with an early season. Last year was not a good year on the river. … Continue reading Get To It

Rainy Lake

If there were an award show recognizing the most beautiful places in the world to fish, Rainy Lake would be a nominee. This place is heaven. A high alpine lake deep in the North Cascades. You can find it on the Pacific Crest Trail, just east of North Cascades National Park. The water is clear and blue from glacial melting. Trees line the eastern shore, … Continue reading Rainy Lake

Brookies For Days

It’s great to write those words. Brookies for days. Most Driftless rivers, where I usually fish, hold mainly browns. Some have a few rainbows. Select pools in select rivers hold brookies. My latest trip to northern Minnesota was a trip away from my usual rivers. It reminded me why I love fly fishing so much. Not like I’d forgotten, though. The Baptism River flows through … Continue reading Brookies For Days


Winter never seemed to begin, and it never seemed to end. The copious snowfall we usually see never arrived and the chill that most associate with Minneapolis was more cool than cold. The cool lingered until the middle of March. Minimal snowfall means good things for fishing, but bad things for rivers. Without snowmelt, rivers don’t overflow their banks or run fast. This makes for … Continue reading Finally.