Barcelona Fly Fishing

My journey began in northeast Spain in the region of Catalonia. The flight from London took me over the teal waters of the Mediterranean before approaching the beaches of Barcelona and landing between the mountains and water in Spain’s second-largest city. This is where I was to meet with my guide from the Salmon 2000 Fly Shop in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. My cab … Continue reading Barcelona Fly Fishing

Get To It

Not more than 36 hours after getting home from Montana, I found myself driving east to spend some time with Rush River trout. This is the first year that the Wisconsin trout season opened at the first of the year. In previous years, we had to wait until March. I’m OK with an early season. Last year was not a good year on the river. … Continue reading Get To It


Winter never seemed to begin, and it never seemed to end. The copious snowfall we usually see never arrived and the chill that most associate with Minneapolis was more cool than cold. The cool lingered until the middle of March. Minimal snowfall means good things for fishing, but bad things for rivers. Without snowmelt, rivers don’t overflow their banks or run fast. This makes for … Continue reading Finally.