Let’s Loppet

Seven days out from race day, we had no snow. It wasn’t looking good. We had a January thaw that removed most of our snow. A deep freeze turned all the remaining snow into ice. Then there was a blip on the weather forecast. A storm appeared. The first model runs showed 5-8″. Optimism! Following models showed as little as 1″ and as much as … Continue reading Let’s Loppet

Explore Before the Thaw

Minnehaha Falls is a popular park in south Minneapolis. Springtime finds prom couples taking photos, summertime means crowds at the park restaurant and fall makes for colorful picnics and piles of oak leaves. The real attraction shows itself when the crowds disperse and the temperature drops. The water of Minnehaha Creek falls 53 feet from a limestone ledge to the pool below. If you follow … Continue reading Explore Before the Thaw

Where to View Perseids Meteor Shower Near Minneapolis

The Perseids meteor shower is an annual highlight for astronomers and stargazing enthusiasts alike. If you look to the sky tonight, you could see 100 meteors per hour. Some will be faint streaks that you could miss if you blink, while others will burn across the sky with hints of bright greens and blues that might leave a lasting streak in your eyes–the latter are my favorite to … Continue reading Where to View Perseids Meteor Shower Near Minneapolis