Fly Fishing: Still Learning

It’s been four years since I started regularly fly fishing for trout. The handful of times I picked up my dad’s fly rod and caught panfish as a kid don’t count. Every time I fish, I learn something new. Sometimes I learn many new things. And sometimes I learn them the hard way. On a recent trip, a few lessons were learned. Here they are. … Continue reading Fly Fishing: Still Learning

Rush to Recharge

We all need time spent in the place that gives us energy. The place that replenishes drive, creativity¬†and inner peace. Introverts crave time alone. Those who love the outdoors crave fresh air and living things. As an introverted outdoors-lover, I crave solitary time where the trees move in the breeze and the rivers flow with a determination unchanged in 10,000 years. My need for recharging … Continue reading Rush to Recharge

Get To It

Not more than 36 hours after getting home from Montana, I found myself driving east to spend some time with Rush River trout. This is the first year that the Wisconsin trout season opened at the first of the year. In previous years, we had to wait until March. I’m OK with an early season. Last year was not a good year on the river. … Continue reading Get To It

Wisconsin Trout Season Goes Out with a Meh

Yep. Skunked. On the last day of the season. The closest quality trout rivers from Minneapolis are just over the border in Wisconsin. Rivers are lined up from west to east. The first river Minnesota fishermen come to on their journey east is the Kinnickinnic. It runs through River Falls, WI and is known for its abundance of browns. The second is the Trimbelle. It’s … Continue reading Wisconsin Trout Season Goes Out with a Meh