Fly Fishing In Minnesota

I’ll start by letting you in on a secret. Minnesota doesn’t have 10,000 lakes. We’ve actually got 15,291. Something like 6% of the state is covered in water. Needless to say, lots of fishing is to be had. But instead of lakes, let’s talk about rivers and the exceptional trout fishing to be had. Minnesota trout fishing is largely divided into two areas: North Shore … Continue reading Fly Fishing In Minnesota

Get To It

Not more than 36 hours after getting home from Montana, I found myself driving east to spend some time with Rush River trout. This is the first year that the Wisconsin trout season opened at the first of the year. In previous years, we had to wait until March. I’m OK with an early season. Last year was not a good year on the river. … Continue reading Get To It


Winter never seemed to begin, and it never seemed to end. The copious snowfall we usually see never arrived and the chill that most associate with Minneapolis was more cool than cold. The cool lingered until the middle of March. Minimal snowfall means good things for fishing, but bad things for rivers. Without snowmelt, rivers don’t overflow their banks or run fast. This makes for … Continue reading Finally.

Fly Fishing. Now With More Brats.

If this trip were a menu, I would order everything. But not that I need a menu to eat. Angry Catfish is now our traditional starting point. They serve up stellar hot caffeinated beverages and sell pastries from Baker’s Wife, a bakery two stores down. Between the two is Buster’s on 28th, a bar that has an extensive tap list. We set off at 7:30 … Continue reading Fly Fishing. Now With More Brats.

Whitewater River. One last hurrah: Day Two

So. We thought the Minnesota trout season was over. We were wrong. Thanks to some new regulations, fishing in state parks is catch-and-release all year. It seems we’re in for for more adventures. But first, to close out a stellar weekend on the Whitewater. Temperatures in the campground hit 25F that night, which was fun because the forecast said the low would be 38F. *takes … Continue reading Whitewater River. One last hurrah: Day Two