Great Sand Dunes National Park and The Joy of Detours

If you’re traveling from Denver to Durango, you’ve got a few options at your disposal. I-70 through Summit County and along the Colorado River is a solid choice. As is 285 southwest out of Denver. Or you could take 115 from Colorado Springs past Pikes Peak and into Salida. They’re all beautiful. Andrew and I were sitting in a coffee shop in Colorado Springs. It … Continue reading Great Sand Dunes National Park and The Joy of Detours

Rush to Recharge

We all need time spent in the place that gives us energy. The place that replenishes drive, creativity¬†and inner peace. Introverts crave time alone. Those who love the outdoors crave fresh air and living things. As an introverted outdoors-lover, I crave solitary time where the trees move in the breeze and the rivers flow with a determination unchanged in 10,000 years. My need for recharging … Continue reading Rush to Recharge

One-star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

This is why Yelp was created. I’m sure of it. Moral of the story: Ranger Wiener is a real dick. But seriously, nature is to be appreciated with an open mind. National parks preserve some of the most beautiful places on the planet, let alone in the U.S. Visit a park. Experience a new place. Enjoy the sights. Photo source: ( Continue reading One-star Yelp Reviews of National Parks