National Bison Day

It’s about damn time we celebrate the bison. The Obama Administration dedicated the first Saturday in November to our national mammal in 2012. For such a storied, majestic creature, what the hell took us so long? Before the West was settled, upwards of 30,000,000 bison roamed our country. This was back when caribou were at home in Minnesota and elk resided in the Appalachians. By … Continue reading National Bison Day

Fly Fishing In Minnesota

I’ll start by letting you in on a secret. Minnesota doesn’t have 10,000 lakes. We’ve actually got 15,291. Something like 6% of the state is covered in water. Needless to say, lots of fishing is to be had. But instead of lakes, let’s talk about rivers and the exceptional trout fishing to be had. Minnesota trout fishing is largely divided into two areas: North Shore … Continue reading Fly Fishing In Minnesota

Shooting Stars And Milky Ways And Alcohol

Photographing the night sky was always something I thought required a professional-grade camera, an $8,000 f/1.8 lens, and otherworldly editing skills. It was something I rarely attempted because my photos were shit compared to other shots I’ve seen. Everything was always either blurry or over-exposed or under-exposed or just bad. Sometimes all three, against all odds. Then I was drunk at a bachelor party the … Continue reading Shooting Stars And Milky Ways And Alcohol

Overnight Getaway

Always bring a tent. Even if you think you’ll sleep in your car instead. Even if you’d rather not set up said tent at 11pm. Even if you’re just lazy. I learned this lesson because mosquitos can squeeze through cracked windows, bite you in the night, and leave blood spots on the interior roof of your car when you rage-kill them all at 3am. Always … Continue reading Overnight Getaway

Fourth Weekend

It was as American as a beer-filled pontoon parked on a sandbar. It helps that it was the weekend of the Fourth of July, too. And that’s how Minnesotans do it. We all have a cabin or know someone who does. So when work wraps up on Friday, we all head North. Cabin traffic is a thing ’round these parts, especially on holiday weekends. My … Continue reading Fourth Weekend