An Evening In El Paso

No, I didn’t drive to Texas. Or fly to Texas. It’s a tiny, tiny town in Wisconsin on the Rush River. It’s also one of my favorite places to catch fish. On a summer night after the sun disappears behind the steep valley walls and a fog hangs in the air, there are few places I’d rather be. This stretch of the river is known … Continue reading An Evening In El Paso

Le Gran du Nord

You wake up before your alarm. It’s 4:45am and the dew on the trees above your tent is starting to coalesce and drip. You’re not sure if anxiety or doubt is the reason for your awakening–anxiety because you drove four hours for this race; doubt because it would be easier to sleep in and fish all day than ride 60 miles on gravel. You go … Continue reading Le Gran du Nord

Coffee and Bikes in the Morning

In most circles, it’s called Adventure Coffee. (Not typically capitalized, but I did so because it’s a wonderful thing and it deserves tall letters, y’know?) The activity is simple. Find a group of friends, gather coffee/tea, camp stoves, water, and bicycles, then settle on a place outdoors to enjoy the fruits of your labors before work. There’s a reason coffee shops make most of their … Continue reading Coffee and Bikes in the Morning

From Two To Crew

It was 1:45pm and I was running late. Nothing new there. On this occasion, I was tardy by 15 minutes, which wouldn’t have been so bad, but I still hadn’t left my house. My name is Kurt Stafki and I’m never on time. It was to be a day riding an easy 30-40 miles to St. Paul and back. I was on my Niner RLT 9 … Continue reading From Two To Crew

February Shouldn’t Be Like This

February isn’t typically a fun month to fly fish. Rivers are quiet, yes, but it’s usually cold, rivers are lined with ice, snow could turn to rain whenever it damn well pleases, and there’s always a risk of your reel freezing. Fish are generally sluggish, as well, as hatches are few and far between, save for sporadic midges climbing mounds of snow like first ascents. … Continue reading February Shouldn’t Be Like This

I Love Loppet

It’s one of my favorite weekends in Minneapolis. Lakes become luminary-lined parks, roads become trails, and skis are everywhere. It’s the City of Lakes Loppet. The 2013 Loppet was my first taste of winter culture in Minneapolis. The company I worked for was a sponsor and I had the opportunity to get involved. It didn’t take long before I was hooked. I attended the 2014 … Continue reading I Love Loppet

Get Uncomfortable

At a certain point, I lost count of the times something didn’t go right. Navigating three feet of powder on a mountain side with cross-country skis strapped to numb feet seven miles from the nearest road; losing footing while trying to cross a river in waist-deep, snowmelt raging water; finishing your last water bottle in 104F heat 17 miles from the car on a bike. You … Continue reading Get Uncomfortable